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CBD, hemp legalization rolls to North Carolina governor’s office after OK by state House

Legislation that would legalize CBD hemp legalization in North Carolina is on its way to Governor Roy Cooper’s office.

Senate Bill 455 passed the State House on Wednesday after unanimous Senate approval.

The bill would allow farmers to continue growing hemp as a base for fibers found in rope, clothing, and other products, but also for CBD hemp legalization and CBD products like oils, vaporizers, and other consumables. The difference is that these products are very low in intoxicants like THC and are designed to calm people down rather than get them high.

It is also a precursor to a Senate action to authorize medical marijuana. The measure was approved by its last committee on Wednesday and could get a full Senate vote today. If that happens, the chances of a House review this session are slim.

Medical cannabis in North Carolina? 5 things to know

The House of Representatives also did not fully support the hemp bill, which passed by a vote of 86 to 25 Faircloth of Guilford County, Pat Hurley of Randolph County, and Ben Moss of Montgomery County.

The WGHP emailed each of these reps asking what prompted their vote, but most did not immediately respond.

Faircloth responded with a phone call to say he supported medical marijuana, but thought the hemp bill was too complex and “tried to do too much.” It’s such complex math,” he said. “I wasn’t happy with how he defined marijuana and hemp and protected people.”

Others might have feared hemp decriminalization was a concern for law enforcement (Faircloth, for example, was a policeman his whole life and said it was a factor), but that was not the case. not sure.

North Carolina Rep.

State Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Whitsett) told the House Court that the Sheriff’s Association and the state Department of Agriculture have no objections to the bill.

“I haven’t heard from other law enforcement agencies,” WRAL’s Hardister said when discussing the bill.

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Law enforcement had opposed the law and wanted to keep hemp and marijuana illegal, but Eddie Caldwell of the North Carolina Sheriffs Association, who has long led the opposition, told WRAL TV that his group no had taken no position on the law.

“We will monitor it and consult with association leaders as it moves through the legislative process,” Caldwell said.

A WGHP/The Hill/Emerson College poll found that a majority of North Carolina supports some form of legalized marijuana. This April poll of registered voters found that 68% of respondents support legalizing medical marijuana and 19% said it shouldn’t be legal. North Carolina is one of six states that do not allow medical marijuana.

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