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Practical Guide to Cannabidiol CBD Oil

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol CBD Oil is a cannabis component naturally present in hemp plants and can interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It does not affect the spirit, and more and more evidence shows that it is very beneficial to health, it is one of the 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, accounting for 40% of plant extracts.

Cannabidiol market

Cannabidiol is the fastest-growing market category in the U.S. hemp plant and legal cannabis industry, with a compound annual growth rate of 59%. A few years ago, no one was interested in the CBD market at all, but the sales of CBD products rapidly increased to US$202 million in 2015. Until 2020, the market is expected to soar to 2.1 billion US dollars, of which 450 million US dollars will come from its products extracted from hemp. In 2019, industrial hemp has become one of the hottest concept sectors of A-shares, and capital has joined one after another.

Is CBD oil legal?

Cannabidiol CBD oil has been widely recognized in North America. As a food nutrient, it provides beneficial cannabinoids while not affecting nerves like THC. At present, it can be used legally in 50 states in the United States and can also be exported to forty countries including China.

The effects and benefits of CBD oil

According to a series of documentary reports, cannabidiol CBD oil is very helpful in the prevention of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, liver cirrhosis, etc. It also has anti-anxiety and stress functions.

· can effectively reduce the symptoms of seizures in patients with epilepsy and minimize the severity and frequency of seizures. Recently, six CNN documentaries have emphasized the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

·The composition of CBD oil can effectively restore human memory, which will help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

·It can effectively relieve anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and a series of psychological and physical disorders.

It can help reduce the body’s dependence on alcohol and nicotine.

It can prevent cancer and diabetes.

Side effects of cannabidiol CBD oil

The vast majority of people tolerate cannabidiol very well, with almost no side effects, only some rare and extremely unlikely side effects exist, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, loose stools, changes in appetite, fatigue Sense and so on.

Although it’s non-toxic, when one or more other drugs are taken at the same time, an overdose may occur. Studies have shown that it can inhibit P450 enzymes to metabolize drugs and prolong the metabolism of some drugs, resulting in excessive drug content in the body, which may cause side effects.

How to choose cannabidiol CBD oil?

1. Because there is currently no unified naming standard, you must pay attention to the distinction when buying and confirm that the product you want to buy contains cannabidiol. Again, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD.

2. The third-party test report is very important. Read it carefully to see if it contains harmful substances (such as molds, pesticides, bacteria, solvent residues, etc.).

3. Products that are marked as containing cannabidiol may not meet the actual test standards, the content of cannabidiol is insufficient or even does not contain CBD at all. Brands with third-party test reports are more reliable.

4. Pay attention to the ingredient list to see if genetically modified substances, trans fatty acids, pigments, and other additives have been added.

5. If it is impossible to clearly distinguish whether it contains additives, you can also ensure the quality by purchasing more reputable brands. In short, try to ensure that the extraction of cannabidiol does not use some toxic solvents, such as propane, hexane, and other hydrocarbons. Solvent.

6. It is important to confirm the actual content of CBD in milligrams (mg), which is directly related to the efficacy of use. The more milligrams, the more cost-effective it is. This is also a way to intuitively understand the cost-effectiveness of cannabidiol oil.

7. Look at the brand’s other product lines, a brand with a complete product line is more powerful. If a brand of CBD oil also has a series of other products, and the quality is not bad, it means that the overall R&D technology of the brand is relatively strong.

Study On The Brands Of Cannabidiol?

The PhytoVista laboratory under the Sativa Group in the UK has tested various CBD oils on the market and found that many brands contain only a small amount of cannabidiol, revealing that the current market is full of counterfeit and substandard products. Commissioned by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis, the laboratory conducted a blind test of 30 major CBD oil brands on the market. The laboratory’s test results show that less than 50% of brands on the market contain labeled content.

You can also buy pure cannabidiol CBD oil in China

The use of cannabidiol CBD oil has swept the world from the United States, and its almost magical curative effect has attracted the majority of domestic consumers. However, domestic policy restrictions at that time almost only relied on human flesh to purchase Cannabidiol oil. At present, only a few domestic enterprises have obtained the production qualification of cannabidiol whose quality is the same as that of foreign Cannabidiol oil and is more cost-effective.

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