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Recreational cannabis is not as dangerous as people think, according to research

People who have reported drug use in the past year or gone to the emergency room are more likely than those who have not used the drug, according to a study published Monday in the BMJ Open Respiratory Research that has shown that weeds may not be involved. not as dangerous as many think amid growing pressure to legislate.


According to colleagues, cannabis users-many of whom say they use the drug for recreational purposes-have a higher “risk” of hospitalization or visits. the emergency room for non-drug users. The health records survey surveyed more than 15,000 Canadians. Overall, marijuana users had a 22% chance of visiting the ER or going to the hospital, the researchers found, regardless of age, gender and other medical conditions.

Severe trauma (15%) is the most common cause of emergency room or hospital visits among cannabis users, followed by respiratory problems (14%) and stomach problems (13%). ). Research highlights the significant health risks associated with drug use and suggests that the increase in global recreational activities is “harmless” and should be reduced.


What led to the results of the research. According to the evaluation of the study, the researchers stressed that their findings could not be used to suggest that cannabis use led to higher hospitalizations and ER visits. This can be explained by things that the researchers did not examine or did not respond to in their analysis, they said. The researchers also said that the small size of the study sample does not allow them to reliably estimate differences in the risk of death of cannabis users, although there are small differences in the data. existing documents. Further research is needed to confirm the results and to confirm the link between the cause of death and respiratory disease, the researchers said.


Despite the ban under federal law, marijuana use is growing in 19 states in the United States and Washington, DC, has officially banned recreational marijuana, along with many other states, including Oklahoma, participating this year. The poll suggested that the majority of Americans are in favor of licensing, while efforts have failed emotionally, spurring the growth of the cannabis tourism industry in the United States. an officially approved area of ​​$ 17 billion. About 37 states have officially registered marijuana as a treatment, and although there is evidence that other cups of marijuana, such as CBD, may help treat problems such as chronic pain, there is still plenty. what is still unknown and unsolved by science. Many of the health benefits of marijuana products are exaggerated or inaccurate, have little evidence and come from clinical trials that are not the same as recreational. It can hide the basic fact that marijuana is a drug and there is clear evidence that it can be harmful to recreational use, especially for young people. This includes the risk of serious mental illness such as schizophrenia.

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